Throughout the year, the Change the Game team completes over 300 miles of physical activity as part of the program. Some of those activities include yoga, running, hiking and biking as a team. More than that, all of the activities are chosen intentionally, with the idea of exposing the team to experiences, environments, and activities that may be new or uncomfortable. Why? It not only helps each individual to uncover their own personal strengths and self-awareness in unexpected situations, but it helps the team to work and grow together through these challenges.


Overall, for Change the Game movement isn’t about the accomplishment itself, but rather the growth and enhancement of a deeper self-awareness as a result of the accomplishment. Accomplishment shouldn’t be the impetus for individuals to change their game. If that were the case, then we will always be looking for the next necessary accomplishment. There is a point in our lives when we must become satisfied with the life we are living merely because we are finally doing what we were created to do. If we're consistently chasing accomplishment, this will never happen. Self awareness is the key.

For more details on some of the adventures and experiences that occur throughout the year, check out our blog!

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