Each year, Change the Game welcomes new members to our team. With our team encompassing juniors and seniors, most of the members participate in the program for two years, providing them ample opportunity for leadership development. It is amazing how each year, each individual on the team has different takeaways, learning experiences and insights on what made their participation worthwhile and game changing. 


It turns out that when you actively change how you live, even for a little bit, you learn about yourself. Some things you can just tell from the start are going to be so much more than what they seem. That's what I got when I signed up for Change the Game. Little did I know a one-week trip would turn into a lifetime experience. Michelle gave us benchmarks at our graduation from the program. When I look back over my time with the team, this is a benchmark for the rest of my life.

Samirah, 2015 Alumni

Change The Game, for me, has been like discovering myself. Before I joined I had not quite known what it meant to commit to a challenge. I never would've have seen myself climbing mountains or running a 10k. I had to learn what I was capable of and push myself even further than what I initially thought my body could handle. Change The Game is a family. In despite of every struggle, we overcame them together. Being around each other is what always has kept me with the group. A loving environment that helps you learn about yourself, its rare. I love it.

Destiny, 2018 Alumni

For the first time in my life, I saw the stars. During my time with Change the Game, for the first time in my life I saw the stars. Where I live it's very hard to even see ten of them in the sky. Our time spent at the house was amazing, it was like we were a real family. We bonded and laughed together. On our hikes, we learned how to trust each other. To feel as though you've known a person for years when only knowing them for a couple of days is a feeling I can't explain. This is an experience that you cannot beat.

Sean, 2012 Alumni

Dreaming is easy; making the dream a reality is hard. Having the opportunity to learn from Joanna and Michelle gave me the eye-opening that I needed. I learned how to use my voice to express my ideas/opinion on certain issues found in my community. More than that, it helped me learn a lot about myself. Michelle has a way of challenging us physically, mentally and emotionally and the result is the power within to overcome the obstacles that we will encounter in life.

Daniel, 2013 Alumni

I really appreciate this opportunity to be a Game Changer. I enjoyed all of the activities that really, truly came in handy. Subconsciously, I'd never in a million years think that I would be able to trust anyone I didn't really know. If there was anything I could change, it would've been how long we were here. I wish I could be with this team longer.

Ma'Niya, 2014 Alumni

For me, Change the Game is a presenter of realities. In a sense, it is a provider of some of the applicable knowledge needed in the real world today. This program helped provide me with a deeper sense of commitment and accountability. I was able to shift my perspective on the truly essential aspects of life: consistently improving myself and striving to better the lives of those around me. But I believe the true beauty in Change the Game is its difference of meaning for each participant. It is a malleable program both for the youth and mentors who choose to participate, the meaning of the program forms around their idea of how the program is beneficial to them. In essence, Change the Game is what each member makes of it for itself, as well as what the collective group designs it to be.

Donald, 2018 Alumni

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