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Throughout the year, the team is provided various opportunities to give back to our local communities, as well as those outside of the Western Pennsylvania landscape. During the year, and most often on our weekend trips, the team completes a variety of different projects across our local communities, partnering with local organizations. Additionally, during our culminating end of the year trip, we also organize at least one community service project that is completed during our travel, allowing the team to connect with new groups of individuals all over the country through acts of community service. Below are some of the featured projects that we have completed over the years.


To keep up with what we are currently doing, please stop by our blog page to read about what we are doing to be active servants in our community.

While on our summer trip to Denali, AK, the team dedicated a day to community service on our campus. The projects completed that day included: sanding and re-staining picnic tables and deck seating in the community area, as well as cleaning up the community garden and the pulling over grown weeds in the community garden and surrounding areas.

Outdoor Renovation and Maintenance in Denali

The Change the Game team was the first team of young people to kick off "The Pauline Project", the renovation of an old herring boat that will become a research and education vessel while on their trip to Maine last summer!

The Pauline Project 

The team was given the opportunity to serve with Hollow Oak Land Trust and Tree Pittsburgh to plant 50 trees at Montour Woods.

Tree Planting at Montour Woods ​

The team, joined with lead DCNR education specialist Linda Armstrong, installed Wood Duck boxes in strategies areas in the park. The students learned that the Wood Duck was the most abundant waterfowl species in eastern North America. Unfortunately, their distribution within dense, settled regions made them readily accessible to market hunters throughout the year, driving these colorful birds to the brink of extinction by the early 20th century. Wood Duck boxes provide a man-made alternative, where hens can nest in relative safety from predators. The deployment of large numbers of nesting boxes can be used to help increase local or regional populations of Wood Ducks in areas where natural cavities are limited.

Duck Box Placement in Pymatuning

As part of Earth Day, the Change the Game team gathered to complete trail maintenance on the Rachel Carson Trail. As a heavily utilized trail throughout the year, most specifically during the Rachel Carson Trail run, continual maintenance of this trail is necessary to ensure it is safe for trail users. The team cleared brush from the trail, picked up trash along the trail, reconstructed a small bridge for runners, and repainted blazes throughout the trail.

Rachel Carson Trail Maintenance 

The team worked closely with volunteer residents of Gardiner, MT to stock pantry shelves and creating hearty food packets based on recipes for stews and soups. The work required students to learn about the purpose of the food pantry and the value of ensuring that all Gardiner residents are welcomed to partake in this ministry.

Gardiner Montana Food Pantry