Change the Game's program year is 11 months, close to 700 hours and over 3000 miles of travel. We have no paid employees. Why? Because we recognize the fact that the inequity in life is based on an individual's access to resources; time, experiences, networks and money. Therefore, every dollar we raise will always go directly into the program. The average cost per student per month to participate in the program is $800 (or about $14 per program hour). Variable factors that may impact our cost include cost of transportation and meals and lodging in inclement weather.

We purposely keep our groups small so we can focus on cultivating the relationships necessary to foster REAL change. To give you an idea of how you can help, below are some of the cost break-outs and sponsorship opportunities. To ask any questions, please feel free to email Michelle at


There are a variety of ways that you can sponsor our team throughout the year. Some of those include:

Student Sponsorship

Gear necessities for each student costs approximately $730 per year. By sponsoring one student, you can cover the cost of their gear requirements (as listed below) for the year.

Gear Sponsorship

Would you like to donate to cover the cost of our gear for the year? Each year, our team accepts 12 students and with that, we provide each student with the necessary gear to participate in our scheduled activities.


The following is the cost for outfitting the entire team of 12 for the year:

Backpacks                                         $800.00
Hydration Pack (100 oz)                   $700.00
Hiking Pants                                      $840.00
Wool socks                                        $420.00
Liner socks                                        $400.00
Insulated winter boots                  $1,200.00
Hiking boots                                   $1,200.00
Wicking base layers                      $1,200.00
Hoodies                                              $240.00
Waterproof gloves,                        $1,800.00

balaklavas, warm hats, baseball hats
Total                                $8,800.00

You can donate to cover the cost for individual items, more than one item, or the total gear list. 

Trip Sponsorship

Throughout the year, the team will partake in a handful of weekend overnight trips to work on team-building and leadership. The cost for these trips vary.

Food and Travel Sponsorship

Between our weekend overnight trips, our volunteer efforts and the events that occur in the city, we assist the students with transportation and food while they are in our care. 

Most students in the program rely on public transportation to attend our team events in the city. This is something that we arrange to cover in partnership with Propel Schools. Additionally, we provide transportation to the weekend trips which usually involves van rentals.

If you would like additional information on sponsorship opportunities, how to get involved, or just general inquiries about supporting our team, please use the button below to get in touch with us.

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